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Announcement: It's Conference Week!

Who's Responsible for ChatGPT? Building a Public Vision for AI. August 3-5 on Zoom. Free and open to all.

Come join me later this week for a free, Zoom conference on AI ethics that I've been organizing over the past few months! Sign up and check out the full schedule here.

If you're wondering what to attend, here are some highlights:

  • On Thursday, we'll have extended discussion about the impact of ChatGPT and other large language models on higher education as well as a panel on the AI arms race.

  • On Friday, we'll ask how human ChatGPT is and listen to a panel discuss the social effects of AI.

  • On Saturday, we'll talk about job replacement and bias and enjoy a keynote on how big data can obscure nuance.

Feel free to drop in for any talks as you feel like it! We'll have a great mix of people from academic and non-academic contexts joining from across the world.

We expect to have some vibrant discussions that go beyond AI ethics buzzwords—we've structured each talk, presentation, and keynote so at least half of the time is dedicated to answering audience questions.

I hope to see you there!



P.S. If you need more philosophical Barbenheimer content in your life, here's my Barbie article featured in the Prindle Post and my co-organizer's Oppenheimer blog.

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