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I'm a UX Writer and Ethicist with graduate training in philosophy.

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People-focused, iterative reasoning

From developing a dissertation on moral responsibility to redesigning digital content, writing is a process of editing, receiving feedback, and incrementally improving to better serve a target audience. The best writing is done in collaboration with others to meet a clear need.

 UX Writing  Content Design
Logical Reasoning  UX Ethics 

 Editing   Brand Voice Development

 Graduate Level Research 

Creative Critical Thinking  Storytelling 

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I think about accessibility, inclusion, and improving current systems

In my published philosophical writing, I've argued that we have a moral duty to listen to and believe the testimony of marginalized individuals about their experiences. ​In my dissertation project on moral responsibility, I've worked to distance myself from a common ableist idea of rationality that sees deviations from the norm as defective.

I've written extensively about LGBTQ issues through my public-facing Prindle Post articles, and I am consistently questioning systems, processes, and social trends while working to find creative solutions to contemporary moral problems. On a day to day basis, I make small but impactful changes to content to improve user experience and include traditionally excluded or forgotten groups.

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