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I'm a philosophy PhD graduate with experience writing public facing articles on contemporary ethical topics, from UX to AI to LGBTQ+ inclusion. I'm currently working as a freelance copywriter and ethics advocate.


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 Copywriting    UX Writing    Content Strategy    Project Management 
 Ethics    Brand Voice Development    Editing    Mentoring 

Work Experience

September 2022-February 2023

Content Specialist Intern at Mullican Flooring

 Copywriting and Marketing 

 Public-Facing Ethics Advocacy 

May 2023-Present

Co-Founder of Philosophy for Humans

  • Organized public-facing free Zoom conference on AI ethics titled “Who’s Responsible for ChatGPT?” with over 250 academic scholars, UX professionals, and AI specialists signed up to attend

  • Garnered financial support from seven sponsors, six internal to Indiana University, Bloomington

January 2022-December 2022

News Analyst at The Prindle Post

  • Regularly contributed articles on contemporary ethical issues in the news for high school and undergraduate audiences interested in Ethics Bowl

  • Selected topics of interest to target audiences and provided clear, compelling perspectives on contemporary debates to expand readership

 Academic Research and Instruction 

August 2017-May 2024

Doctoral Student at Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Developed expert knowledge on philosophical concepts, with a focus on contemporary normative ethics and moral responsibility for character understood as a narrative

  • Wrote research papers on ethical and feminist topics from conception to completion to synthesize original positions, one joint paper published

Fall 2017-Summer 2022

Associate Instructor at Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Independently taught and constructed three separate courses in ethical theory, contemporary ethical problems, and intensive writing

  • Frequently sought student feedback and adjusted course materials and methods to better meet student needs

August 2021-February 2022

Ethics Bowl Coach at Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Coached team of seven students with varying levels of experience to develop philosophical acumen and public speaking skills with the result of taking first place at the Upper Midwest Regionals



PhD in Philosophy - Indiana University, Bloomington

Gender Studies Minor, GPA 3.975/4.0

  • Received Clark Outstanding AI Award in May 2022, given to one graduate instructor annually in philosophy

  • Accepted Graduate Academic Excellence Award in May 2020, given to one philosophy graduate annually

  • Awarded four separate fellowships for academic research on contemporary philosophical topics


MA in Philosophy - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

GPA 4.0/4.0

  • Defended master's thesis

  • Fully funded for both years of the program


BA in Music - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

GPA 3.95/4.0

  • Haslam Scholar, one of 15 incoming undergraduates accepted into premier scholarship program


When I'm not writing or doing philosophy, you can find me gardening, hiking, skiing, playing video games, antique shopping, sewing, and more. Eventually I have plans to record a podcast, write novels, and find new creative ways to do public philosophy!

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