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With over seven years of professional writing experience as a graduate-level researcher, undergraduate instructor, political content contributor, freelance editor, and copywriter for a national brand, I understand how to craft tailored messages for diverse audiences to motivate why they should care.

UX Writing

Check out my speculative redesign of the My Disney World app, or venture to the unknown lands of a 404 error page.

I've also co-designed the entire philosophy for humans site, with the exception of the logos, fonts, and color scheme.

More to come!


Discover sample product descriptions, video scripts, and stories I wrote for national brands.

Explore the comprehensive recommendations I made for text and information architecture updates to the AXISCOR site, which included rewriting all product descriptions, the FAQ, the about page, and more.

Review my take on the most compelling, accurate story about a business and its sustainability efforts.

For some light reading, peruse the blogs I rewrote and reorganized or a news article I contributed.


Read my public philosophy articles on contemporary moral issues, including LGBTQ issues, AI/UX ethics, feminist philosophy, pedagogy, and current social trends.

My co-writer, Savannah Pearlman, and I are also proud to have a peer-reviewed, published article titled "Why You Ought to Defer: Moral Deference and Marginalized Experience" Feminist Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 8 No. 2, 2022.

Check out the talks from the AI Ethics conference I co-organized with Ricky Mouser.

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