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With over seven years of professional writing experience as a graduate-level researcher, undergraduate instructor, political content contributor, freelance editor, and copywriter for a national brand, I understand how to craft tailored messages for diverse audiences to motivate why they should care.

Copywriting and UX

Discover sample product descriptions, video scripts, and stories I wrote for national brands.

Explore the comprehensive recommendations I made for text and information architecture updates to the AXISCOR site.

Review my take on the most compelling story about a business and its sustainability efforts, or peruse the blogs I rewrote.

For UX writing, check out my speculative redesign of the My Disney World app.

Ethics Advocacy

I co-founded philosophy for humans with Ricky Mouser, and we organized a public philosophy conference on AI ethics that attracted over 250 academics and non-academics.


You can read my public philosophy articles on contemporary moral issues, including LGBTQ issues, AI/UX ethics, feminist philosophy, pedagogy, and current social trends.

Engage with my latest musings and work in progress in my blog.

Academic Research

My co-writer, Savannah Pearlman, and I are proud to have a peer-reviewed, published article titled "Why You Ought to Defer: Moral Deference and Marginalized Experience" Feminist Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 8 No. 2, 2022.

I presented at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Conference in Jan. 2023 on moral accountability and attributability.

You can also take a look at my syllabus for an intensive writing class or read my dissertation.

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