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A short redesign challenge of the My Disney Experience App to improve the onboarding flow and the main page, prompted by the complaints of three friends who frequently use the app. 

  • User problems: The app is overwhelming, and information is almost impossible to find.

  • Tools used: Figma

  • Results: Cut down eight onboarding screens to three. Organized main page and settings page to remove redundancy and clarify where information is located.

  • Limitations: Design only addresses a few key screens and a few user problems. Some functionality would need to be added to the app, and more information architecture work would be needed to pare down offerings and organize all attractions.

UX Writing Challenge: My Disney Experience 

User Problems/Redesign Goals

Interviewees: Three friends who frequently use the Disney World app to navigate their park experience.

User problems: When asked about their experience with the app, users reported the following complaints:

  • The main page is overwhelming.

  • It's hard to find and remember the location of key information.

  • The app always defaults to Magic Kingdom.

  • Users have to log in every time to use the annual pass, which slows down purchases in park.

  • The bus service page is indecipherable.

  • The main page is relatively useless unless you connect an account.

UX writing can: 

  1. Simplify the app to make it less overwhelming.

  2. Clarify where key information can be found.

Chloe, NY

“Perhaps the least magical part of a trip to the most magical place on earth is the digital experience. Cargile's design corrects serious flaws with lack of clarity and fluidity of movement in the app.
This new version takes all the aesthetic appeal of the previous iterations and applies a functionality that has yet to be seen in a Disney digital product."
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