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I can help you recruit and retain customers with clear, evidence-based UX writing, compelling copywriting, and full-service UX/AI ethics advocacy.

  • I can help you think about how to measure success.

  • I can find ways to responsibly integrate AI into your processes. 

  • I can design words to solve user problems.

  • I can market your ethical achievements for you. 

How I Can Help


You can ask for a customized package of individual or combined services, depending on your needs. Contact me for more information.

UX Writing

Do you need a clear, thoughtful redesign of a user flow, a cost-effective solution for a user pain point, or comprehensive writing for a new app? 

I can use the power of words to create an enjoyable user experience and help solve user problems. I'll employ evidence-based strategies to promote accessibility and inclusion. 


Do you need creative, entertaining copy that paints the best, most accurate picture of your product, service, company, or platform? 


I can tell unique product stories that resonate with customers, beef up your sustainability marketing, and redesign website copy to help customers easily find what they need.

UX/AI Ethics

Do you need a philosophically-informed, ethical analysis of your product design, AI integration strategy, or corporate responsibility?

I can help you identify key areas for growth, propose business-friendly solutions, help you develop your strategy and KPIs, and market your ethical achievements.

“Cargile has a real passion for writing, and it shows. Cargile’s script for our new product release video was amazing, and every one of our customers have commented on how good it is."

Pat Oakley, Vice President of Marketing, Mullican Flooring

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